Developing a Lifelong Love of Learning

Children mean a great deal to us. We believe that they represent our future, and we are passionate about providing quality early education and care throughout their early childhood, to ensure that we raise children who are healthy, happy and confident to address the challenges of modern life.

We believe that brain development is critically influenced during these early years in order to form a broad spectrum of social, cognitive and motor skills that will last over the course of their lifetime.

Each child is a unique individual, whose gender, cultural identity, beliefs, family backgrounds and additional needs are valued, and are treated with dignity and respect whilst in our care. We believe in providing an inclusive environment for all.

We believe that every child deserves the best quality of education and care and should be exposed to a variety of rich learning environments. We aim to provide a play-based learning environment where each child is encouraged explore, make choices, be curious and creative. One in where they can be hands on, freely question, discover, pretend, invent, test theories, and develop a sense of becoming confident and involved learners.

Each environment we provide is flexible and developed from each child’s individual interests, needs and abilities, as well as from partnerships built with the child’s families. We aim to respect and acknowledge the cultural practices of children and families so that each child develops a sense of belonging within our communities.

We endeavour to create controlled environments that pose challenges for children, which allows them to take risks. Each learning environment is well-resourced, well maintained, well supervised, and arranged to enable each child the space and the time to develop a sense of being.

We believe that it is our role as a provider of high quality early childhood education and learning services to ensure that EVERY child has someone that believes in them.